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What are the very basics of healthy and natural fashion? what are the main degenerative diseases and their causes? What is your closest environment effecting your health?How to breathe naturally, sit, stand, walk or run even in an unnatural environment setting?

Outlayers on our bodies have the most influence on our health. Most commonly effecting our feet, body and movement are shoes and clothing limitations. Save time and money on visits to doctors and specialists. Live daily in harmony (soulad in Czech) with your body, mind and soul.

Petr Mühlhans – former professional cyclist, economist, barefoot specialist & marathon runner, lector of glass & fire walking, MovNat & Born to Run coach, shoe & clothes manufacturer, founder of naBOSo & SOULAD

Thomas Vejrážka Czech-American trainer of conscious movement, Personal Trainer, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Psychotherapist. Natural Movement & Healthy Lifestyle coach. Forest School Guide, intuitive Massage and Shiatsu Therapist. Movement & Martial Artist. HERAW & thomasvejrazka.com

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